Ariete F3 Grouptronic 2 grupos
Ariete F3 Grouptronic 2 grupos
Ariete F3 Grouptronic 3 grupos

Futurmat Grouptronic

Patented Grouptronic® Temperature Control

A simple yet groundbreaking evolution of the thermosiphon system which has been present in the best espresso equipment for over 50 years, our Grouptronic® technology allows the temperature for each group head to be independently programmed with a precision of +/- 0.2°C.

The end user can subsequently adjust this parameter via the display, changing the brew water temperature to suit the coffee blend be¬ing served. A different temperature can be set on each group head, allowing the barista to prepare different blends with different brew water temperatures and without increasing energy consumption as the machine operates with just one boiler.

Two group configuration: 13 litre boiler with 3500 watt heating element.
Three group configuration: 18 litre boiler with 4600 watt heating element.

More Information

Digital Display

Digital coffee servings counter.

Digital clock and calendar enable machine stop/start programming.

Energy saving function switches the machine off according to programme instructions.

Back-up memory retains programme details if power supply is disrupted.

Self-diagnostic function of all electronic components (touch pads, probes, volume counters).

Digitised machine performance record.

Water consumption based warning of water filter regeneration or change requirement.

Text and messages in 9 languages.

Digital display can be programmed to include advertising messages.

Security control of the boiler water level.

The Important details

Heavy-duty, touch-sensitive key pad operation. Choice of one or two regular, or half-cups, at the touch of a button. The key pads are used to programme the machine.
Prepare teas, soups, etc with the hot water outlet. The dosification can be electronically programmed so that the desired quantity of water is obtained at the touch of a pad.


Water and steam pressure are continuously monitored and controlled. Two independent gauges indicate boiler and motor pump pressure.
All the metal parts in the service area are made of the highest quality stainless steel. They are heavy-duty and easy-to-clean. The body panels have been treated with a highly resistant two-coat metal paint process.


The two stainless steel steam arms rotate to deliver an easily controlled steam supply for making quality cappuccinos.
The Furturmat Ariete F3 group head is precision engineered from materials that have been specified and tested to withstand high temperatures and water pressure. It allows you to produce espresso with the best “crema” time after time.

Patented Grouptronic® Temperature Control:



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